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We ensure that Islamic learning process is as interactive and beneficial as possible.


Academy Of Quran is a Non-Partisan organization, we are not part of any group, Islamic organization or Mosques. We welcome all students interested in learning Quran and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We consists of a small team of dedicated workers from project management, and highly skilled and respected Tutors. This team functions with the guidance of many Ustadhs for providing Online Quran services to our Muslim brothers and sisters interested to learn Islam online. 


We recognize that a vast majority of people are engaged in full time commitments ranging from full time work, studies and family. Especially for children and sisters facing difficulties to go into Islamic centers and in mosques to learn Quran as environment in society and even amongst Muslims are not ideal for going on the path of knowledge whilst trying to retain their modesty. It is therefore with the consideration of all environmental factors. We aim to serve and assist such Muslims by providing online one-to-one live interactive classes for learning the holy Quran at a time most suited to you. We use skype for teaching to make sure best quality communication.


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About Us

Our mission is to spread the wisdom of the Quran to all Muslims who live far away from their Islamic homelands or centres of Islam. We wish and love to see our students in their community as role models of Islam and a positive example of human beings. We strive to introduce Islamic ideology to our students through the implementation.


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